China says will provide humanitarian aid to crisis-hit Sri Lanka, but silent on debt rescheduling | चीन ने कहा- संकट से जूझ रहे श्रीलंका को देंगे मानवीय सहायता, कर्जों के लेकर साध ली चुप्पी

Image Source : AP FILE Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, left, poses for media before his meeting with Sri Lankan

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Sri Lanka got stuck in China loan trap, it is also difficult to print school books | चीन के चक्कर में बुरा फंसा श्रीलंका, स्कूलों की किताबें छापना भी हुआ मुश्किल

Image Source : AP A Sri Lankan workshop owner pauses his work and waits during a power cut in Wattala,

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